BBC News Mobile 8 – Beta Coming soon.


It’s very early days at the moment but I’m going to be looking for some beta testers over the next couple of weeks. I had a great group of testers on WP7 and they helped make the app what it is now, hopefully we can do the same with this.

The same logic as with the WP7 app, you have to be willing to give lots of feedback and use an application that isn’t finished, with bugs. Win 8 Machine is mandatory.

If you interested subscribe the blog/put your email in a comment/follow me on twitter as I’ll be putting out some more details and specifics in the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile 8 – Beta Coming soon.

  1. Hi Lawrence

    I’ve just put Win 8 on my Touchsmart laptop so can text this for you if you want.

    Thanks and God bless


  2. DerAusgewanderte says:

    I installed Win8 64 bit on my desktop and my laptop. I do not have touch but can test Metro apps. Cheers

  3. Luis says:

    I can give it a go on my laptop. not touch screen, though.

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