BBC News Mobile v4.0.3.5 (Windows Phone 8) in testing

Release includes, by popular demand:

  • Improved the visuals – header space shrunk, overlaps fixed and nicer pics.
  • The return of the small live tile – too small for me but people wanted it!
  • Offline access – In testing at the moment.
  • Swiping to move to next story.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Clearer disclaimer .

7 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile v4.0.3.5 (Windows Phone 8) in testing

  1. Daxx says:

    Best news app there is Cheers for all the work you do on it

  2. SuperSonic593 says:

    Such a great news app; thanks for all your hard work! I’m eagerly looking forward to the return of Live Tiles for individual news sections. Any update when to expect that feature?

  3. Any chance of a version fixed for Windows Phone 7.8? Live tile doesn’t work after updating to 7.8. Thanks in advance

  4. Adam says:

    Hey, you’re a hero… When the BBC drops the ball in platform support, way to pick it up in style and commitment. Great job!

    – From the States

  5. jt663 says:

    When will this update be coming? I love your app it has to be the best news app, 3rd party or not, and the only thing i think is letting it down are the visuals

  6. jt663 says:

    Whens this update coming mate? Love your app and all the work you put it by the way and this update will confirm its place as the best news app 🙂

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