BBC News Mobile – Development on hold

Hi All,

For all those who’ve been in touch recently thank you for your feedback and support. This is a  brief note to keep you up to date.

Currently all development and improvement of the BBC News Mobile application is on hold and has been for sometime.

I will update you as soon as I am in a position to share more information about the future of the application.

Kind regards,



12 thoughts on “BBC News Mobile – Development on hold

  1. topleya says:


    • Ash says:

      Thank you for such an amazing app. Way better than the official BBC Android and iPhone apps and you’ve implemented the Metro UI style perfectly.

      Auntie… If your behind this, BACK OFF before I cancel my license fee!

  2. Andrei says:

    Need any help on writing the app?
    I am a developer and I can help for free.

  3. Phendrena says:

    Its a great app mate, i really hope the delay is due to the BBC playing nice and wanting you to make the app into something more official for them. I really hope they aren’t playing dirty as that wouldn’t be fair, after all they have generally ignored Windows Phone and haven’t released any official apps other than the two Top Gear apps.

    I wish you well and hope that positive progress is made soon.

  4. […] developer of BBC News Mobile for Windows Phone, Lawrence Gripper has announced on his personal blog that development has been put on hold for reasons that cannot be published (the BBC does indeed […]

  5. pfml07 says:

    Just wanted to say its an awesome app and takes a place on my home screen which I am not willing to give up! It’s probably the BBC threatening you with a lawsuit of some description. Still I want to say thanks for such an amazing app and I will keep an eye on developments

  6. Mark says:

    Please please please don’t stop working on this! One of the best apps in the store!

  7. luis says:

    Thanks for all the effort put in the apps.

  8. […] Source: Lawrence Grippers blog […]

  9. ianeross says:

    Good luck Lawrence, as others have mentioned I really hope it’s on hold due to good reasons rather than bad. But my pessimistic nature always has me thinking the worst.

    One of thee best apps to have on Windows Phone and the BBC are fools not to recognise the work you have done to develop the app. I just hope they’re working with you to develop it even further rather than going down the ‘unmentionable’ route.

    Hands off BBC !!

  10. yj says:

    Thank you for this great app. I keep it on the top tile.

  11. Shabf says:

    This has been my chosen way of keeping up to date with the latest news stories since I installed it what seems like years ago. I am deeply saddened by your need to remove it and I feel someone should have made a better decision on this. I am so sorry to see it go and will be watching out for new Apps from you. Is there any way of you creating an app which keeps fans of your work up to date with what you are developing? This one will be very sorely missed. Thanks for all the enjoyment to date. Shabf

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