Thanks to

Everyone who has kindly provided open source projects or content which I’ve used in my apps.

The noun Project contributors for your lovely icons!

Announcement by Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project
Earth by Thibault Geffroy, from The Noun Project
NewsPaper byRoss Sokolovski, from The Noun Project
Map Designed by factor[e] design initiative
Bar Graph Designed by Ben King
Mustache Designed by Ersin 

Sterling NoSQL Team:

44 thoughts on “Thanks to

  1. I’ve raised several bugs and suggestions on your SharePoint site but I can’t see them in the “All Issues” view. Is it working?

    • gripdev says:

      Don’t worry I’m getting them :). Thanks for all the feedback, I’m going to be working through it at the weekend and put a blog post all the feedback to date and what I’m aiming for in the next release.

  2. James says:

    I like this, especially considering the BBC has stated themselves they are incompetent and that they suck so badly they don’t know if they are going to do a version for WP8/Win8. thanks for all your work on this – it looks great.

  3. Mohummed says:

    Just a suggestion. Instead of having just a red box, a more lively looking app may look better. Probably the picture from the top story…. Also cannot scroll down, or is it because it’s ‘preview’ status..? Fantastic job anyway!

  4. Richard Love says:

    Great to see you taking a lead and developing this app. It’s tough because you may always end up going head to head with a formal BBC funded and resourced app, but if (as another poster above commented) they are still really undecided on a formal W8 App (madness as this will be rapidly become one of the worlds most popular App stores) then I’m very glad you chose to ‘show the way’… good luck on the updates (and don’t neglect the better half too much!)

  5. Pete says:

    Looks good, agree with Mohummed – the live tile showing the title text from various new stories is good but if it could include a picture from the story it would look even better.

  6. Chris Topp says:

    Clicking a live tile news item doesn’t go to the actual live item? Is this possible?

  7. Chris says:

    nice job, looking forward to the variable font feature, but apart from that & the couple of minor bugs it’s pretty much there.

    Hopefully the Beeb will pay you for it!

    Thanks & will check out your other apps

  8. Dave says:

    Hi, enjoying this app. Just noticed that pressing the backspace key when reading an article does not return to the main view (this would be common practice in other Windows Metro apps – particularly the Microsoft-built ones). Would be great to see this added for us keyboard warriors! Thanks

  9. David A says:

    great app thanks pal

  10. Alobob says:

    Very nice looking, when viewing news categories it doesn’t always sync the images.

    Brilliant work though, looks very professional.

  11. scott says:

    The only issue I see so far is with filtering. I’ve asked it not to show the sports but the bbc sports section continues to show. Otherwise, well done. Like it!

  12. Simon Guettier says:

    Your work is much appreciated. The BBC App is excellent.

    • Nexxo says:

      I agree. It is much better than anything that the BBC has released, and a must-have app for my Surface RT (on which it works very well).

  13. Petr Pilin says:

    I´ve tried the app and it´s great! Good job! Is there any way how to refresh the app automatically?

  14. Gavin says:

    Love the app, shame on the BBC! Keep up the good word, time well spent 🙂

  15. says:

    needs a menu to jump to favourite section. Like the size

  16. I’ve been using the app for WinPho7 for ages and the Win8 version was one of the first I downloaded. Thanks for all the hard work!

  17. […] It’s a third-party app, but I hope any official app for the BBC works more or less like it. Read more about it from the creator here. […]

  18. […] It’s a third-party app, but I hope any official app for the BBC works more or less like it. Read more about it from the creator here. […]

  19. DMM says:

    The BBC mobile apps for WP and Win8 are really useful.
    Adding new feeds is not easily discoverable as user needs to scroll to the end. For consistency with Win8 apps two suggestions
    – add to app settings
    – right click menu to add new feeds (like the Bing app).

    feature request – can you please add links to the BBC news radio feeds and podcasts?

  20. Ricky says:

    Love the app as an ex pat living in the US this is my daily fix, one suggestion would be to offer more historical news possibly the whole week or month

  21. Bob says:

    As a TV license fee payer in the UK, I support your BBC app for Win8 it is very slick – you should approach the BBC with a view to getting their financial support and backing for it rather than any other internal alternative, as long as it stays free of advertisements then I expect most UK license fee payers would support you being rewarded for your efforts.

  22. John says:

    any chance of an email to/google +1 button?

  23. Allan says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Time well spent and hope that this makes you a living wage. No criticism from me, constructive or otherwise.

  24. gwenael says:

    just installed the BBC mobile news app , looks great and good job , will report anything I find

  25. SteveC says:

    This is possibly my favourite app, both on WinPhone and Win8. The featured story of the week and the new galleries for the phone app show you have no end of great ideas for making this even more awesome!

    My only current suggestion is that the disclaimer at the article end should be in italics (or possibly a smaller font), to effect a subtle separation, rather than being the same as the body text.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  26. says:

    I think the BBC app works really well. Just using it in a very simple way as a ‘Metro’ app. I’ve had no issues so far. It would be worth confirming that the articles are taken from the BBC site without alteration. It works better than the BBC News’ own Android application, by the way!

  27. Trikster says:

    Had this on WP7, installed it on Windows 8 and have now bought a WP8 and this was one of the first apps I installed.

    It is far better that any of the standard news apps that come with any of the windows platforms.

    Keep up the good work

  28. Pinchi says:

    Loved you app! And still use it! I’m looking fir someone to team up with to make apps! Interested?

  29. peter says:

    Really sorry to see the BBC app go. It is without doubt the best news app on windows phone.

  30. Mayo says:

    I agree with Peter above best news app on windows phone. It’s with a heavy heart i removed my live tile for the app today. My phone now feels empty and without purpose :(. Well done on creating such a wonderful and useful app.

  31. Oh no!

    I’ve probably used this app more than anything else on my phone combined. Sad it’s going…

  32. Pepper says:

    So, my wife bought me a Surface Pro at the Microsoft Store in Atlanta last week (she loves me a lot; also I bought her some stuff at Tiffany’s). I installed Windows 8.1 RTM on it a couple hours after first powering it on.

    When I tried to install the apps I already purchased, your BBC News app shows up in the list, but when I attempt to install, it is “no longer available.” Have you discontinued/withdrawn the app, or did Microsoft kick it out of the Store because you aren’t actually the BBC, or is it marked as strictly compatible with Windows 8 and thus won’t install on Windows 8.1?

    On my desktop computer, which I upgraded to 8.1 RTM just today, your app still exists and runs fine.

  33. woodygems says:

    Hey Lawrence – what’s the scoop on the update to Hypemix?

    It looks nicer, but is that the only change?

    • gripdev says:

      Hey, they back end had been completely reworked to allow me to bring a load of new features in the coming months.

      Current update does bring some new features, you can now add friends and follow the tracks they like as well as queue up tracks into a playlist.

      I’ll put a blog post with some more details soon!

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